Seriously, this seems to be my life. How many loads of washing can you put on in one day? Bring back the sun please as I’m fed up of not being able to hang the washing out. Getting excited that washing can actually go outside on the line is a highlight of the day! I need to get out more.

I apologise in advance for the rather boring subject matter of today’s post but I’m guessing it is something that you all spend a large proportion of your time doing.

The washing basket seems to have a mind of it’s own and multiplies at the rate of knots. I swear I empty it only for it to be packed to the brim again by that afternoon. How can a family of four generate so much washing, it’s ridiculous. Perhaps it started with that mad wash of every item of newborn clothing before Molly arrived. I reckon they recommend you do it so that you can prepare for the mountains of washing that will appear for ever more.

And don’t get me started on the ironing. I make a rod for my own back as I iron everything, yep even bedding, and hate putting stuff away creased. There is something about freshly ironed bedding that I love and I can’t stop myself ironing every little item of clothing the girl’s own. I even did it when they were babies, carefully ironing those teeny tiny babygros. It’s probably madness I know. Does anyone else do that? I find it kind of therapeutic.

I have become a bit of a speed ironer though and can wizz through a weeks worth in around an hour. I use it as a good excuse to catch up on some trash telly. I also feel I may need to invest in a proper steam iron. One of those fancy ones that make ironing a breeze. Does anyone have any recommendations? I spotted this Philips one in the sale and given the amount of ironing I do it is probably worth the investment. Perhaps I should just use the money to pay someone to do my ironing?!

I told you this was a bit of a dull post but what washing liquid do you use? I’ve always opted for a non bio for the girls so Fairy or a supermarket own brand, especially when they were small. I always felt it was kinder on their skin. Alice suffered from really bad eczema as a baby and I really noticed the difference if I chucked any of her things in with a different washing liquid. However, I sometimes found that it didn’t seem to get the stains out and as they have got older I will occasionally switch to a bio liquid to try and shift it. Perhaps we need to talk about stain removal as I never succeed! How is that my mum can get stuff spotless but the girls leggings always have that random patch of mud that just won’t come out. I try soaking stuff or adding vanish powder to the wash but it doesn’t always work. I’ve gone down the natural route with bicarb of soda and white wine vinegar but if you have any fail safe tips for getting clothes super clean I’d love to know them.

One top tip from me is colour catcher sheets. They are a revelation! You can bung almost anything in together and I never realised quite how much colour came out of clothes until I got these.

So there you go. Some Monday morning chore chat! Normal service will resume tomorrow πŸ™‚