I am very excited about today’s guest post. Not only because it is filled with the loveliest news but because it comes from one of our very own Rock My Style team members, Lisa. I’m not going to say much more other than please give Lisa a big welcome for her first post over here on Rock My Family. We may be seeing a little bit more of her over on these pages.

It’s with a little bit of nervousness and a whole lot of excitement that I peek out from behind my computer screen and say a big hello to you guys, the Rock My Family ‘family’. I’ve been writing for Rock My Style since March now and I feel like I just about know the ropes but RMF is a whole different ball game: it’s not just writing about gorgeous interiors and pretty dresses and life-changing beauty products, this time it’s personal. Because I’ve got a little announcement to make … I’m pregnant!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you may know that I’ve already got a little girl – two-year-old Lyra – who is a whirlwind of vivaciousness and energy, but also the kindest soul. She would share her last chocolate button with you. (She takes after her dad. My Cadbury’s buttons are MINE). Seriously though, it makes me want to cry just thinking about how much I love her. She has taken the news excellently, kisses my tummy on a daily basis and wants a sister (obviously) called Peppa Pig/Cinderella. If you lovely readers have any tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible for her I would massively appreciate it.

This pregnancy has been so completely different to my first that, foolishly so or not, I’m pretty convinced it’s a boy. With Lyra I didn’t have one bit of morning sickness. This time round, I spent weeks on end feeling nauseous. I’ve also been so much more emotional. You know the Good Deed Feed in the Metro newspaper? I have a tear in my eye every time I read it. The other people on the train must think I’m mental.

My attitude towards this pregnancy, rightly or wrongly, has also been very different. The first time round, I had a list of foods-to-avoid-whilst-pregnant saved in my phone which I stuck to religiously. To the extent that I avoided eating most shop-bought sandwiches in case they contained mayo made with unpasteurised egg. The first time round, I had all the apps – the Baby Center one, the Name Berry one, and I got stuck into books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Your Baby Week By Week. Now my current bedtime reading material is The Unmumsy Mum. The first time round, I practised pregnancy yoga from 12 weeks. This time round, the closest I’ve come to yoga is watching Waybuloo with madam.

Well I have the 20 week scan this week so I will be finding out whether my intuitions about the sex are right. I am going to look pretty silly now if it’s a girl but hey … Lyra will be delighted. And it’s a cliché but of course all we are really hoping for is a healthy baby.

I would love to hear your thoughts on mother’s intuition. Did you ladies have a strong feeling about the gender of your baby/babies and were you right?

Image by Klaudia Photography.