Choosing your baby name is both immensely fun and immensely tricky. How do you choose a name for a teeny tiny person that you haven’t met yet? And choose one that will see them through their whole life rather than just those cute baby years. It’s a huge task.

Molly was easy, we loved the name from the start. Poor Alice had no name for two days as we just couldn’t decide.

For all of you expecting a baby this year, firstly congratulations, and secondly are you having fun name choosing? In order to help you we are bringing you the top predictions for baby names in 2017. Some weird, some wonderful and a whole heap of inspiration to get you thinking. The overall theme seems to be strength. In fact it’s even been said that ‘God’ and ‘Saviour’ may become popular names this year. Without further ado….

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It seems there is a sudden astrological shift with names inspired by our planets and constellations. I rather like this trend especially for the more unusual names such as Orion or Ara.


The literary names are still going strong and if you are a book worm like me then its perfect. In fact Lisa chose daughter Lyra’s name after reading the Phillip Pulman novels and falling in love with the name. This year it is about strong characters or the surnames of literary greats such as Bronte or Austen.


Edd did try to convince me that a Greek God name would be an excellent choice when we thought Alice was a boy. Thor was actually one of his suggestions. Seems he was ahead of his time as the likes of Atlas and Zeus are set to be big along with Pandora and Persephone for girls.


It seems people are harking after names that evoke a feeling of strength. Those from momentous historical times such as Ada or Eleanor have that traditional feel that I love.
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The animal names are still set to be big in 2017. Again it’s about, you guessed it, powerful animals like Lynx or Hawk as well as Fox and Bear still be popular contenders.


Watery names are definitely on the rise in popularity but rather than River or Rain think of other watery areas like Marina or Harbor. Then there are the names of rivers or oceans so Hudson could be a good choice.


Despite the series coming to an end the names from Downton Abbey are still extremely popular. These are definitely my kind of names. Edith, Cora or Marigold could all be super cute.


Finally it’s all about ‘O’ again this year but rather than names ending in O (think Milo or Cleo) it’s names starting with O. So many choices from the ever popular Oscar to more unusual Oakley or Oona.
So there you have the top predicted baby name trends for 2017. What do you think and will any of you be using any of these for your little ones?
*Source: Nameberry