Being a family of five I know all too well how important it is to make the pennies stretch that little bit further. Of course you want the same quality and durability in the products you buy, but there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve bagged yourself a bargain. It also means you can buy more right…?!

I’ve enlisted the help of Rock My Style Editor Lauren, who is an interior genius, and loves to find a bargain or two. Lets face it if you’ve seen her Instagram feed you’ll know her home is jam packed full of a wealth of pretty.


The gorgeous bar you see above was a hack of a folding tray table from Argos. It just goes to show as pretty as the ones from boutique shops are, you don’t have to spend huge amounts to achieve a similar look.


Another one of Lauren’s favourite places to shop is Wilko where she recently picked up these rather stylish grey faux linen storage boxes for just £12 each. They look perfect in her snug. Doubling up as seats for guests as well as hiding a multitude of sins.

I’m also rather taken with their copper effect cutlery set. Which will make a lovely edition to my Christmas table scape this year.

Talking of Christmas have you seen their wooden toy range? This fruit & veg set, sandwich set and more are utterly adorable. Making the perfect stocking fillers.

The Range

I am yet to pop into The Range, but I know the team have brought all manner of items from there.
Anything from picture frames, cushions and even props for shoots.

I rather like this tripod table lamp, and for that price you should definitely be treating yourself to the matching floor lamp too.

I was also really pleased to find this hexagonal mirror. The boys bedroom was in desperate need of somewhere for them to check their hair before they left the house and this looks perfect in their grown up room.

Making me smile a lot are these house shelves. I can just imagine all Anabelle’s little people stood proudly on display in her bedroom.


Supermarkets are no longer all about groceries and certainly make the weekly shop a lot more exciting. It actually becomes quite a treat to leave hubby at home minding the brood whilst I peruse all the aisles. I’m certain I spend more time looking at the clothing section picking up bits and bobs for the littles than I do planning the family meals. Oh well. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have found this cute little grey sequin star tutu, which is an absolute beauty. Or these adorable shorts which I’m gutted don’t come in Anabelle’s size.

A little birdie also tells me that Tesco and Hush have the same supplier for their cashmere knits. Make of that what you will.

Tesco isn’t the only supermarket supporting fabulous knitwear. I’ve just picked up this sparkly jumper from Sainsbury’s for our festive Glitterati work do on Monday. Even more bargainous with their 25% off clothing event.

Saving Websites

If you don’t mind being inundated with emails there is a lot to be said for signing up to voucher websites. They let you know about all the daily discounts across the world wide web and can even provide you with a discount code when there’s not an on-line promotion.

I’m signed up to Voucher Codes and Groupon. Which not only helps you save whilst you on-line shop but also on days and meals out for the family.

I’m sure you’re all signed up to collect Nectar, Tesco Clubcard and Boots Advantage card points. But if you’re not, why not? We quite often convert our points into cinemas tickets, restaurant vouchers or an entrance to a theme park. The kids and us both love it. Most of the vouchers are sent electronically now, so you can literally decide whilst you’re out where you want to eat and by the time your meal has finished you’ve been sent the code on your phone.

Pound shops

If you’re planning a party, celebration or Christmas dinner. Sorry just had to slip the ‘C’ word in again. It is December after all, then you just have to visit Poundland or the 99p Store. They have balloons, bunting, flags, straws and more, and all as cheap as chips. Perfect for making your party look pretty, and perfect for filling those all important party bags full of treats and goodies.

So where are your favourite places to shop when searching for a bargain? Have you been buying any lovely items recently that we probably need to buy too?


Header Image by WE ARE // THE CLARKES