Molly was a winter baby. She was born at the end of November and it was blimmin freezing for the first three or four months of her life. As in toe biting frosty cold when all I wanted to do was get out and about. Walking for hours to get her to sleep or to just get some fresh air was not the easiest when I was getting frost bite on my fingers.

As we enter the winter months I thought I’d share some top cosy tips for keeping your little ones snug during these cold days including some of my favourite knits. Meanwhile I’ll be snuggling up in front of the fire, possibly in a big cosy jumper and a pair of wooly socks. All the glamour. However, if you do fancy a bit more glitz in your life though then head on over to Rock My Style where Lisa is getting her festive sparkle on.

1. Bedtime Baths

Warm up with a nice bath and playtime. Make sure the bathroom is heated so there isn’t too much cold air around them. This wasn’t the easiest for us as we lived in a draft old Victorian house that was still to be renovated. Instead we would put Molly’s baby bath in front of the newly fitted woodburner to make sure she wasn’t freezing.

I personally hate getting out the shower to a cold towel so why would your little ones? Pop the towel on the radiator before you get your little one out the bath and they will be all snug and cosy.

2. Heated Clothes

In the same vein I pop the girls PJs or school uniform on the radiator for a quick warm before they get dressed. They love nothing better than snuggling in to a cosy cardigan before we head out the door.

3. Toasty Toes

Pop teeny tiny socks over little one’s babygros to keep their tootsies warm and I also have a penchant for sweet knitted booties. These Boden fox slippers are beyond adorable but are closely followed by these Teddy Bear Booties from H&M.

4. Cosy Prams

As I mentioned above all I wanted to do was get out and about with a teeny Molly but I feared she would freeze if we ventured outdoors. My mum came up with the genius idea of popping a hot water bottle down the bottom of her pram, wrapped in blankets, to help keep it toast for her. Another way we kept the pram toasty was by folding a few cellular blankets under the pram mattress. Obviously you don’t want your little one to overheat so make sure you haven’t overdressed them for the weather.

5. Woolen Warmers

I have been perusing all the knits for the girls this weekend and may also have my eye on a spot of festive novelty wear too. There is a Christmas jumper day at school after all!

Charlotte purchased this cute Tu cardigan for Mabel and I also love the striped Merry & Bright jumper for the festive period. For dino fans this jumper is sure to be a winner. Even better all the clothes have 25% off till the 4th December. For a festive Dino alternative Becky has recently picked up this H&M bargain for Leo.

The subtle styling and colours on this John Lewis cardigan make it perfect for layering and I recently purchased the girls some sweet jumpers from Joules which are gorgeous quality. Molly has the cat version and Alice is a big bunny fan so this one seemed appropriate. The bright bear design is also really fun.

Finally I can’t not mention the Boden character knits. They are the best and anyone with a little one really needs this Reindeer knitted jacket so that I can live vicariously through you.

6. Warming Drinks

Obviously your teeny one will be busily guzzling milk but toddlers and young children enjoy it just as much. As they get older you could make up hot chocolates. You can sneak one in too 🙂 With added cream and marshmallows of course!

The girls also live a hot juice on a cold day. Hot Ribena is still one of my favourite things.

7. Knitted Rompers & Outfits

Molly wore a lot of knitted rompers as a baby as they were easy to change her in but just that little bit cosier.

I am wishing I could still pop Alice in this knitted bunny set. All the cute.

I love this bright stripe car design from Tu. A while back we shared our love of all things cosmic and this little romper from Next fits the bill perfectly.

M&S baby clothes are some of my favourites and the two piece trouser and top sets are great for little ones (and make it easy to change nappies!). This set is gorgeous and it’s definitely worth checking out H&M for some excellent knitwear. I only wish the range came in bigger sizes. These knitted shorts and rompers are off the chart adorable.

8. Hats, Scarves & Gloves

I often struggle to get my girls to wear their winter woolies to school but I’ve been stocking up on some new items to tempt them in to hats. Boden has always been my go to for hats and I love the style that come down over their ears for extra warmth. The baby sets make perfect gifts and I may have purchased this teddy bear one for some lucky recipient. I’ve also picked up this Joules pom pom hat which comes in a multitude of colours and has a cosy lining. I normally pick them up a pair of the mittens too. This year it’s the turn of the unicorn!

Also, this snowman hat from The White Company is too cute.

Oh and ear muffs. They are a winner.

9. Bedtime Snuggles

It’s hard to know how many layers to dress your little ones in at night but when the chilly nights hit you don’t want them kicking off the covers. Sleeping bags are brilliant for keeping them warm and you can add an extra blanket over the top on the really cold nights. Make sure you tuck them in at either side though to stop them kicking it about and getting tangled up. I rate Mamas & Papas for the amazing designs on their blankets. Also always keep an eye on room temperature to make sure they are dressed appropriately. You can find our guide to baby appropriate sleepwear here.

Now my girls are a bit older they love a hot water bottle to take to bed. Alice has requested one for Christmas as she has been using mine up until now. I’m looking forward to getting my own toasty toes back!

10. Duvet Days

And if all else fails grab your duvets and snuggle down on the sofa with a few nice stories and a mince pie or two.

How are you and your little one’s keeping all snuggly this winter?

{Keep Cosy}