After reading Lottie’s post on children’s beds I realised it was time to make a few changes to Anabelle’s nursery. With her fast approaching three she has definitely out grown her cot so we swiftly changed it in to the bed, and touch wood she’s settled really well. She’s also taken to potty training really well and is dry in the day. Yay.

So with all these mini milestones complete we realised she’s not a baby anymore, she’s not really a toddler either, she a little girl (a very little girl) and deserves a little girls room.

Hence my leap of joy that hubby said I could make a few new purchases to update her little haven.

Blank Canvas

The nursery has been my favourite room in the house since Elliott was imminent. We painted it in Pure Brilliant White, knowing it would be the perfect blank canvas to add accessories and finishing touches to once we knew what we were having. And although it’s had a few touch up coats, the room is still all white and still looks lovely whenever we do add a new decoration (or member of the family!).

If you like the idea of white too and want more tips on choosing the right white you should definitely check out Rock My Style’s finding the right white post.


I’ve been eyeing up canopies since forever and I am definitely dead set on buying a Numero 74 cotton canopy for Anabelle’s room. They look absolutely gorgeous over the bed in girls and boys rooms, but I think we’ll be popping it in the corner to create a reading nook with piles and piles of cushions. I know she’ll use it as a little den too and will sit there playing with her plethora of little figures, quite possibly joined by her big brothers.

Soft Furnishings

To really make the den as comfortable as possible, I want to fill it with an abundance of different cushions, blankets and mats. There was only one choice when it came to the base and that was the Olli Ella’s moon drop rug. Handmade using felted wool balls in the of sweetest shades. A little spendier than I initially budgeted for, but totally worth it.
My search for cushions is somewhat ongoing, but first to make it into my basket were these array of cloud, moon and star cushions. Utterly adorable with their fluttering lash faces and coming in lots of gorgeous hues to compliment your rooms colour scheme. I’m also tempted by the raindrop design.


It’s no secret that we all adore a pineapple at RMLtd HQ and these sorbet coloured pineapple night lights from Acorn & Pip are fabulous. I had to blink twice at their price tag as they are SO reasonable. So reasonable you could warrant buying all three shades.
The lovely Laura also pointed me in the direction of these cotton ball lights. Choose from their favourite colour combinations or make your own. You can even have matching ceiling pendants. I think I’m going to mimic the colours in the rug and drape them over the canopy.


It really surprises me how much stuff a little person accumulates in such a short life span. I honestly think I could open my own toy shop. All are loved and played with though so finding the right storage solution that adds a pretty aesthetic was key. The Ollie Ella neutral baskets are perfect for toys, books and when she’s older I’m sure her laundry will make its way in them too.


Anabelle’s room is not the largest of spaces so I’m still undecided if I can fit in a chair as well as the reading nook. Although the more I look at this tub sofa and armchair the more I’m convinced we need them in our lives. I remember having my own chair when I was little which I absolutely adored. Perhaps if we can’t squeeze it in her bedroom we can definitely find space for it in the main living room.


Combining learning with pretty these alphabet and world map posters would be ideal to pop on the wall to add a splash of colour.


Of course you don’t have to buy anything to update your little ones room. You can just get your craft on instead.
I took inspiration from Rock My Style’s DIY 3D memory box frame tutorial and made a shadow box full of ombre hearts. I didn’t even buy the coloured card. I just popped to my local B&Q and made great use of all their paint charts.
I’m also seriously tempted to turn my hand to the ribbon chandelier tutorial we shared earlier on RMF too. It looks so adorable covered in fairy lights or with pictures pegged to it and would be a great addition to Anabelle’s new room.

So what adorable decorations have you all been buying that I need to know about? Any other crafty projects I should give a go too?

Header Image by Little Beanies