I do love a good DIY room accessory and I probably love ribbons even more so today’s tutorial is right up my street.

The lovely ladies at Brooklyn Bridal are purveyors and creators of all things pretty. Plus they love ribbons just as much as me, if not more. So we are looking forward to sharing their lovely ribbon chandelier tutorial with you all today. This gorgeous creation is perfect for adorning a nursery and would make a lovely mobile hung above the cot for baby to become entranced by. I’m also thinking one would fit perfectly in Molly’s room interspersed with some of her favourite glittery treasures.

Or how about for a lovely birthday party decoration mixing in some photos of your little one amongst the ribbons.

It also looks super quick and easy to make which I love. I knew I had been keeping that giant box of ribbons for a reason!

What you’ll need

Florist wire hoop (you could also use a wooden embroidery hoop for this)
Selection of ribbons
Clear fishing wire
Your chosen accessories to decorate / adorn.

Step 1:

Decide which ribbons you are going to use and what length you want them to be. One by one knot these onto the outer rim of the wire hoop.

Step 2:

We kept our ribbons to a uniform length but you can also play around with these for a different look. We also mixed some gold and lace ribbons in different thicknesses to keep the overall look very natural and fun with different textures. However you can play around with lots of different looks from more uniformed orders of colours or ombres.

Step 3:

Attach two separate pieces of clear fishing wire to each quarter of the circle – you can then use these to suspend the chandelier.

Step 4:

The finished ribbon chandelier can then be decorated and adorned with lots of different items to change it’s purpose from fairy lights to brighten a little girls nursery or polaroids for a birthday party to flowers for season celebrations or even weddings.

Simple! Is anyone planning on giving this a go?

Photography: Fiona Kelly
Ribbons: Brooklyn Bridal