Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. It’s Monday which means it’s discussion time. We loved reading all your comments on last week’s post regarding images of your children on social media, it gave us so much to think about. Today we are going for a slightly lighter tone, we hope!

The Office of National Statistics recently published it’s annual list of the most popular baby names for England and Wales and there are some favourites on there. Olivia and Oliver were topping the charts closely followed by Amelia, Harry, Emily & George. What was missing though were some of those names that appear to be dying out. It isn’t so much the old traditional names as they are still making a massive comeback. Instead it is more those names from the 50’s and 60’s that is slowly disappearing. Think of the Sharon, Nigel, Beverly or Derek. How about Horace, Sheila, Wayne or Paula. You can see the full list here.

So our question to you is would you call your baby Nigel and what do you think to all the disappearing names? Who knows, maybe they will have a revival in 50 years time.