We are existing in unprecedented times, none of us know what the immediate future holds. Yet amongst the chaos and the confusion there is a distinct feeling of solidarity, a desire to support one another and navigate the challenges that the global economic crisis will undoubtedly bring.

We always wanted to bring Rock My Family back in some capacity, so many of you even now, years later, get in touch to say how much you miss the sense of community and helpful advice shared amongst the team and our readers.

I’m sure you can imagine the significant impact Coronavirus has had, and will continue to have, on the wedding industry. At Rock My Wedding we built a forum platform in just 48 hours so that our brides, grooms and suppliers would have a safe space to communicate with one another, exchange experiences, ideas and plans. It didn’t take us long to consider how beneficial a forum for parents would be, not least considering the recent announcement of school, college and nursery closures.

Many of us, myself included, will need to rethink how we manage our days. How we keep everyone as healthy and happy as possible whilst potentially working from home and being isolated from grandparents and loved ones with underlying health concerns.

We hope the Rock My Family forum will enable some of you to feel more connected, to find valuable resources for manging finances, home learning, entertaining children and everything in between. The team will be contributing as and when we find something useful or interesting, we have already updated various categories with ideas and links to online articles we think you find invaluable over the coming months.

The forum requires a log in and threads/conversations are not simply available to the public online without an account – we want this to evolve into a positive and safe environment. As always this is a completely free facility without advertising, sponsored collaborations or affiliate partnerships.

We hope you will join us in coming together and contributing to our new resource. Key Workers have been announced today and we have created a specific category just for you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for standing on the front line and holding us all together.