I’m not sure I have ever given it too much thought if I’m honest, I tend to see something I think will make a thoughtful/useful gift and buy it. Usually books. Usually around £15.

I am talking more specifically about presents you would buy for another child’s birthday – say someone who your son or daughter goes to nursery or school with, and they have invited your kids to enjoy their celebratory party. Obviously budgets for close friends and family would differ, you can see some of the gifts I chose for my sister’s daughter in the Gifts Ideas For Newborns feature.

I remember seeing something on social media a few years ago that Myleene Klass had posted about a recent party invitation she had received from a Mum at her daughter’s school. It read something along the lines that they didn’t want gifts as such, but instead her child would very much like a certain type of desk for their bedroom so could everyone send a cheque/make a BACS transfer instead.

Myleene was suitably incensed. I was completely baffled by the whole thing.

And then last week I happened to have Loose Women on in the background and they were discussing this exact subject. I would like to point out that daytime TV is not a regular occurrence whilst working from home for yours truly – normally I have music so I can concentrate whilst simultaneously jigging along in the vain hope I will burn off some crisps. Although I always watch Lorraine. I bloody love her. Ahem I digress.

As I was saying…..Janet Street Porter was asking Penny Lancaster (ex model, has been married to Rod Stewart for years) how much she spends on her children’s school friend’s birthday gifts and she responded with “Everyone spends in-between £10 -£15”. Janet made some wisecrack about her being the wife of a multi-millionaire and surely the recipient might think a gift that cost a tenner could be considered measly (!) but Penny stood firm and said personal wealth or anything else along those lines simply shouldn’t come into it.

Goodness, and there was me, thinking you could buy some enjoyable illustrated reading material that would be fun for both the parents and the kids and that was that.

How much do you spend? Ever been on the receiving end of a Myleene type request or heard of someone that has?