This is a topic that we know a lot of you feel strongly about and is something that we have touched upon in the past. The fact that many people feel that gender segregation in children’s clothing is outdated and that items should not be labelled as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’.

With John Lewis recently taking steps to remove all gender labelling on their children’s clothing we felt it was a pertinent topic for today’s discussion post. For those of you who missed the news they have changed all labels so they are not gender specific§ and are also introducing a range of unisex clothing in neutral colours and prints.

Do you think clothing should be unisex in labelling and style, should you be free to choose exactly what you want from whichever department or do you do this regardless? On the other hand do you feel it is all a step too far?

As always please do leave your views, let us know how you feel on the topic and chat constructively amongst yourselves.