Four and a half hours in a confined space with two small children fills me with dread but when that confined space happens to be up in the air… Help me!

This year is the first year we will be setting off abroad with the girls and suddenly I am having a mild panic about the actual flying part of the holiday. I know many people fly regularly with kids and I am probably worrying over nothing. After all they are off on an adventure! It is probably because I hate flying myself that isn’t helping matters. Edd on the other hand is completely relaxed and unruffled about the whole thing.

To make sure the flight and travel times go as smoothly as possible I have decided to get a bit organised and make it as easy (and hopefully fun!) a trip as possible. I’d love to hear your top tips for flying with children too to make sure I don’t arrive on holiday too harassed!

Mini Suitcases

The girls both had a fabulous little animal design suitcase for Christmas which they love. I am hoping they will happily fill these with goodies to keep them entertained on the flight and be able to wheel them themselves. However, worst case they do have a strap on the bag so that I can sling them over my shoulder. The day before we set off I will be getting them to pop a few favourite toys and books in the case that they can easily play with on the plane.


We are lucky in that we have good flight times and only live half an hour from the airport. This has meant that I have been able to get lifts from family thus avoiding the need for extra time for parking. I’m looking forward to just jumping out the car and heading off.


We are yet to decide if we are better having a 3 and 1 seat or a 2 and 2 formation. I’m thinking 3 and 1 will allow the girls to sit together and play, hopefully, but does anyone have any suggestions on what has worked?

Activity Books

I love little activity books and most holidays we get the girls a new sticker book and colouring book. The Usborne books are a real favourite as the stickers are big and easy to peel. They can often spend a good chunk of time working their way through these. A cheap and cheerful pack of crayons and colouring book will be on the list too.


I want to try and pop a few toys in that the girls can easily play with. I initially thought of a little lego set for Molly but then realised I may well be hunting under the seats for all the small pieces she will likely drop. The toys will need to be quite small so we may pack a few Playmobil figures and I’m pretty sure Molly will be adding her Barbie!


The girls love being allowed to use the iPad (in fact I’m pretty sure they are better at it than me!) so we will be taking this with us fully charged and armed with copious games and films. Edd bought them both a little pair of headphones which we have been practicing using and they are always asking to wear them. This means they can quietly sit and watch a film for at least a short portion of the film. We already have a few favourite apps/games such as the Toca Boca series but any other suggestions for pre-schoolers are welcome.


I am very much doubting they will be taking a nap, after all we have daytime flights, but just in case they will be taking their Skip Hop neck pillows and a small blanket with them in case they get cold.

Surprise Bag

A friend of mine suggested this to me and it seems like a great idea. I’m planning on creating a little bag of treats and surprises that I can pull out at intervals during the flight to keep them amused. My friend wraps all of hers up like little presents but I wonder whether this may create a bit too much mess and chaos around us?! I’m thinking of popping in a few of the aforementioned activity books, a new little toy and then some treats of the eating variety.


I think we will be needing quite a few snacks to get us through the journey so I’ll be making up various goodies for them. Although they would probably just like chocolate I think I’ll probably opt for something slightly less messy! Probably a few sandwiches, some rice cakes and some oat bars and berries. I promise I don’t only own Skip Hop products (we just love them) but these sandwich and snack bags are great. Molly has them for school and they fold up really flat so once they have eaten their way through the snacks I don’t have to worry about lots of tubs. We also recently bought the girls a little Camelbak flask which is probably the best flask they have ever owned. No leaking or messy lids. I love them!

Popping Ears

We all know the sensation of ears popping on take off and landing so I’m wondering how the girls will cope with this. I have read that giving them some juice to drink should help or something to chew on. Does anyone else have any wonder remedies?


I’ll be packing an easy change of clothes for both the girls as knowing the mucky pups they will likely spill something down themselves. On that note I may just chuck in a vest top for me just in case! I will also be taking copious tissues and baby wipes. Just in case I think I should have some baby Nurofen or Calpol in my bag. I’m guessing I will need to buy these inside the airport so will have to make sure I remember.
Does anyone have any top tips to share on flying with children? Anything that I need to remember to pack in my hand luggage?