It’s no wonder the lovely Lisa from sister blog Rock My Style loves hanging out with her daughter Lyra in her grey and pastel nursery as it’s so calming and pretty.

Wait until you see the grey cloud and pastel raindrop decal covered wall. Not only does it look immense but when you find out how much it costs to create you’ll be down to your local DIY store before you can say Rock My Family. Obviously that is after you’ve finished poring over this nursery tour, and finding out how else Lisa created this gorgeous room. Not to mention pinning all the pictures within an inch of your life.

I’ll hand you over to Lisa now so she can share all her creative genius…

Lisa: Lyra’s nursery was a real labour of love and it has paid off – I think it may be our favourite room in the house. We spend hours in there reading, drawing, and prancing around acting out Frozen (I’m always Anna and she’s always Elsa). I wanted it to be calm and soothing, my theory was that it might encourage her to sleep through the night. It has kind of worked, she only usually wakes up once (at about 3am, argh) and then goes back to sleep pretty much straight away, when she has been reassured that we are in the next bedroom. I also wanted her room to be pretty and colourful so I went for a grey-and-pastels colour scheme.

The Walls

I love the iconic Farg Form cloud design and thought I would try my hand at recreating it using paint. Cue several evenings spent meticulously drawing little cloud shapes onto one wall then filling them in with grey paint. I then moved on to the two adjoining walls. I cut out a raindrop stencil and used this to pencil the raindrops onto the walls, then filled them in with different shades of pastel paint.

I had originally also planned to paint half a rainbow going from the top of the fourth wall to the bottom, but once I had finished the clouds and the raindrops I thought a rainbow in addition to all that pattern and colour might be one step too far and Lyra would be overstimulated and never go to sleep.

I loved every second that I spent painting these walls – it was so much fun. I’m tempted to have a go at a different painted design in another room but I’m not sure I can get away with it in a room that’s not a kid’s bedroom!

The best thing about the walls? The fact that decorating them cost me just £8.68 in total – because I only needed a small amount of paint I just bought seven tester pots at the bargainous price of £1.24 a pop. And I even had enough left over to paint some of the furniture…

The Furniture

I fell in love with this chest of drawers after spotting it on Charlotte Love’s website. So I was tickled pink when I found out that it was from Ikea. Off we popped to Ikea and when we got home I painted the facing part of the drawers in different pastel colours using my tester pot leftovers from the walls, then assembled the drawers. Voila! A bespoke piece of furniture.

I kept the rest of the furniture neutral – the cotbed was from John Lewis, the chair is a Jerry dining chair from Habitat, and the pebble grey changing table and wardrobe were from Mothercare.

The Pretty Bits

There are so many gorgeous prints and nick nacks out there for kids’ rooms that I’m tempted to put up a couple more Ikea ribba picture ledges to display them on. I picked up the ‘I love to ride my bicycle’ print from a little homewares shop in Brighton, the clouds print was from The Yellowstone Art Boutique and the cactus postcard was from This Modern Life. The pink duvet cover was also from This Modern Life and as someone who hasn’t yet mastered a sewing machine I am proud to say that I hand-stitched the cloud cushion myself.

The Hector Owl table lamp was from Urban Outfitters and they don’t seem to stock it any more, but it’s also available from Purple Holly. Urban Outfitters do however have these lovely elephant lamps in grey or mint which I think I like almost as much as Hector.

Not strictly a ‘pretty’ one but an essential in any small child’s room – the blackout curtains. These were from Dunelm in ‘solar grey’ and I’ve noticed that the lovely Lauren from Rock My Style has the same pair in her master bedroom.

The bunnies on the picture ledge are Jellycat (lucky Lyra was bought so many rabbit soft toys when she was born. Is this a generation thing? I don’t remember having any bunnies when I was little), Ted was from John Lewis and I bought the doll’s house through a local Facebook Moms Buy and Sell page. I have picked up a LOT of bargains thanks to that page.

So that’s Lyra’s room. I would love to hear about your little one’s nurseries. Do let me know if you have any questions. Or if you need someone to paint some clouds on your walls. And if you’re interested, pop over to Rock My Style today where you can see more of my humble abode.

Photography by Adam Crohill