Ok, so this may be a bit of a predictable post for the New Year but after handing out the Bourbons yet again yesterday at the girls mid morning snack time I realised something had to change.

Despite being a bit of a baker I always struggle to find a quick something for the girls in between meal times and I’m ashamed to admit more often than not I reach for the biscuit jar. Sometimes homemade, sometimes a good old digestive but normally a biscuit! Terrible mummy. But it’s just so easy. Luckily I manage to resist for myself MOST of the time but I’m on the hunt for some super easy but healthy snacks that I can either prepare at home or easily take out and about with us. I’m hoping you lovely people will be able to help fill me with inspiration and ideas before I head out for another packet of party rings!

I loved these suggestions we shared over on Rock My Style a while back but think it may take me a little while to work the girls up to these so I’ve popped a few of my ideas below. As always pretty please do let me know any wondrous snack suggestions you may have.


I popped some sweet little woodland tubs in to the girls stockings this year and they are the ideal size for a few berries. The girls only seem to eat berries so they are a perfect snack. Expensive at this time of year but when it’s the only fruit they eat it is worth the cost.

Over the last few days I have tempted Molly with slices of banana topped with a bit of nut butter. Her preference is peanut butter but cashew or almond in a Typtop supplies paper ice cream cups to shops works just as well and I’m rather partial to this snack myself. I also love it on slices of apple for some added crunch although I’m still to persuade Molly on this one.

I’m going to try making rainbow skewers as hopefully the colours will tempt the girls in to trying all sorts of fun fruits. It takes a bit of prep to chop all the different types of fruit but I’m thinking that I can make a batch and keep them in the fridge for a few days.

Crispy things!

Rather than quavers I’m going to try making some veggie crisps. Surely it can’t be too hard to thinly slice various veggies and bake in the oven?

In the same vein I love apple crisps. Simply core an apple, thinly slice, lay out on a lined baking tray and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 140c for about 40mins. Yummy.

Both me and the girls adore popcorn. A lot. I often keep a bag of Tyrells proper popcorn in the cupboard but seen as I favour the sweet and salty variety it can’t actually be all that good for me. It’s ridiculously easy to make your own popcorn and kids will love hearing it pop away in the pan. I’m heading to my local health store for a bag of kernels and am going to get creative with flavours. I shared my sweet and spicy popcorn recipe over on Rock My Style a while back but will get trying some other flavours for the girls.

Sweet Treats

I’m not saying that snack time can’t have a bit of naughtiness but I’d prefer it to be slightly less sugar induced than my normal biscuit selection.

There are so many easy and healthy flapjack style recipes out there. Choose your mixture of oats and fruit to create yummy flavour combinations. Try these Deliciously Ella flapjacks or her granola bars are equally yum. I also love these yummy apple and oat bites for a more cake based treat.

These banana and oat biscuits are still my all time favourite. The natural sugars from the banana and dates make them unbelievably tasty and the girls would never know that they are a pretty healthy version of their usual biscuit.

Anything with hidden veg in is a winner in my books so I’ll be giving these Jamie Oliver Butternut squash muffins a try.

Savoury Bites

Hummus is a great option for snack time. Unfortunately the girls aren’t big fans of vegetable crudités but a toasted wholemeal pitta is a great option for an afternoon snack. I envy the mums whose kids will sit and happily munch carrots and cucumber.

A fun snack I’ve started making is to spread some low fat cream cheese on a slice of wafer thin chicken and roll up. Serve whole or slice in to pinwheels.

Rice cakes are a winner in my house. Ok I know they mainly taste like polystyrene and probably don’t have much in the way of nutrients but I reckon they are ok. The girls will munch a bag of the Organix ones quite happily or I like to spread with nut butter or mashed avocado for a yummy topping.

Shop Bought

When we are in a rush or need a sudden supermarket pit stop then I have a few trusty favourites.

The girls both love the little bags of Bear Paws or Bear Yo Yos. I think they are tempted by the cute animal faces on the packaging and the fruit based treats are a good option.

The Organix oat bars are also a favourite as an on the go snack as are the Smoothie bites. I’m not entirely sure how these freeze dried wonders are made but Alice LOVES them.

My personal favourite is the Nakd bars, in particular the gingerbread flavour. These bars can be found in most supermarkets either in the health food aisle or by the cereal bars. They are basically just a bar of nuts and fruit and nothing else. The downside is the cost as they are around 70p each. I have tried making my own which works well. Just pop lots of different dried fruit and nuts like apricots, dates and almonds in to a food processor. Wizz up adding a bit of water or a squeeze of orange juice and then press in to a tin and pop in the fridge.

What snacks do you reach for when the kids, or you, need a mid afternoon pick me up?