Jenson LOVES to jump. When he’s sitting on my knee he will bounce up and down, flailing his arms around. Particularly if he sees our cat. If I sneak him a bit of chocolate mousse when he’s in his high chair, he gets so excited and jumps about so much that I can barely get the spoon to his mouth. And don’t get me started on the trampoline … just the sight of it makes him giggle and if I actually bounce on it with him in my arms he ends up in fits of laughter.

So it figures that he was always going to be a fan of the Jumperoo.

Wtf is it?

In short, it’s a bouncer that plays music, lights up, and has a squillion activities for baby to play with. According to the Fisher Price website it’s suitable for babies aged 6-15 months.

Jenson’s in his big sister’s hand me down Jumperoo in the image above, but there is a newer version which you can find here.

The Pros

I’m going to start with the main benefit, and it’s a selfish one. It has saved my aching back! Jenson is a happy soul but he’s one of these babies that has to be constantly entertained. So I’m always carrying him around, either in a sling or in my arms. But popping him in the Jumperoo every so often is a brill way of keeping him safe and giving me a bit of time with both hands free.

Jenson absolutely adores his Jumperoo. His little face lights up when he sees it and when he’s sat in it, he goes crazy jumping around. The seat spins around 360 degrees so there’s something interesting and stimulating and colourful for him to look at from every angle. (He’s particularly taken by the dragonfly, and is determined to try and eat it, whereas Lyra was obsessed with the blue rattle-y lizard).

Being plastic, it’s easy to clean, and the seat fabric is washable: an essential if you’ve got a baby like Mr Explosive Nappy over here. It’s also adjustable so the seat can be lifted as your baby grows, and it’s super sturdy.

The Cons

As far as I see it, there are two cons. Firstly, the sheer size of the thing. It’s big and bulky and will take up half of your living room/kitchen. However, I’ve just discovered that it’s foldable so it can be stowed away slightly smaller when it’s not being used.

And secondly, as with any products which suspend babies by their hips, it’s important to only use the Jumperoo in moderation.

Have you got a baby who likes to be entertained the whole while? Have you got any tips on how to keep them occupied and safe whilst trying to do the million-and-one chores around the house? Does your baby love their Jumperoo?