I was always the one who was piling my supermarket trolley with nappies or wipes or whatever the latest baby related offer was. Firstly as it was the easiest way to purchase everything with the weekly shop and secondly because you can always find such amazing offers.

At the time of having the girls I worked near a mammoth Tesco and would regularly take a lunchtime trip when they had their Baby and Toddler event. There were so many bargains to be had, especially on the nappy front, and we all know how many nappies you get through.

Before they were born I had a whole cupboard that was well stocked with all manner of goodies from nappies to bubble bath and everything in between. It just made sense and I was forever grateful for those supplies once the maternity leave kicked in. I’d never fully appreciated the cost of nappies before then.

Buying nappies on offer was probably one of the best savings I made in the months following the girls. If you read our nappy review you will know I favoured Pampers for my girls and so would always make sure I looked out for a bargain when I could.

Despite the girls now being out of nappies I still have to keep a massive stock of baby wipes. You know, for sticky fingers and the inevitable fall over in the mud. They are also amazing for wiping up all manner of spillages from the carpet. I love them. I have always bought the sensitive wipes as Alice has such delicate skin.

When it comes to bathtime the girls still love endless bubbles. A whole bath frothing over with them in fact. In those early days I was desperate to try anything to get them to sleep and the Johnson & Johnson bedtime bath claims wondrous things about helping calm and soothe baby. I’m not sure anything would get Alice to sleep in those early months but I fell in love with the beautiful, calming lavender scent and still use it to this day. I got used to buying it on offer so grab it for half price when you can.


I always pop a few extra toiletries in our online shopping order as it saves me getting distracted by makeup when I hit the shops. I ONLY use Aveeno cream on my face – also on Mabel’s, it really clears up the eczema patches behind her ears she sometimes gets too.


As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Elliott I began adding baby essentials to my weekly Tesco shop. Stock piling various sized Pampers newborn nappies & sensitive wipes when they were on offer so when he arrived we were fully prepared.

I also added vests, sleep suits, bibs, cottonwool balls and all the Johnson & Johnson bath time essentials. My favourite item was the lavender body wash, it smelt divine and I’m not ashamed to say was a firm favourite during my own nightly bath. I also bought several baby shampoo’s but as Elliott had no hair for quite some time I remember the first bottle lasting until he was nearly two!


I only use Pampers for Elle, their baby dry nappies work the best for us – no leaks at all ever and they fit her comfortably. I definitely still look out for offers as we get in to these last few months of nappy wearing.

When it comes to toiletries I really rate Aveeno, especially for myself. I love Oat based products as I think they are really lovely for your skin.


I always planned to breastfeed Hector but undiagnosed tongue tie had me (read Ste) dashing out to the shops for extra bottles. It’s definitely worth getting a few when they are on offer, just in case, as you never know when you might need them.
What are your favourite baby buys to stock up on when doing the weekly shop? Did you go a bit mad stockpiling items like Lorna and I?

  • Pampers Baby Dry 5 Essential 39 Nappies – Buy One Get One Free.
  • Johnson’s Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes 12 x 56 Pack – Was £10. Now £7
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Bath 500ml – Half Price at £1.50
  • Tommy Tippee Bottles 6 x 260ml – Better Than Half Price. Was £26. Now £10.
  • Oilatum Junior Cream 150ml – Was £6.50. Now £4.36
  • Aveeno Daily Care Moisturising Lotion 150ml – Half Price. Was £6. Now £3
  • Carex Kids handwash Strawberry Laces 250ml – Only 90p

    The Tesco Baby and Toddler Event starts on the 16th January 2017.

    This is a sponsored post.