Is anybody expecting a Christmas baby? That truly would be the ultimate Christmas present wouldn’t it. To hold your little bundle in your arms, look into their eyes and finally meet them.

My second born Joseph entered the world during the early hours of Tuesday morning, at 3:05am to be precise, weighing a healthy 7lbs 5 1/2 ounces and looking every bit as gorgeous and perfect as we’d dreamed.

My labour story began on Monday afternoon after a home visit from the Midwife where she performed a rather vigorous stretch and sweep. Apparently the saying goes if it doesn’t make you wince it won’t be successful. Which was certainly the case for me.

Later that evening I felt my first contraction. You’d think as it was my second labour I’d know exactly what to look out for, but you really do forget and I genuinely wasn’t sure if it was a contraction or not. Especially as I didn’t feel anything for another hour. After the second contraction I turned to my husband Rob and said we should go to bed and get some sleep, just in case tonight was the night!

We popped our first born Elliott to bed giving him extra hugs and kisses and feeling really nostalgic that this could potentially be our last night together as a family of three, but also excited to meet our new little one.

Considering what might happen I was surprised at how quickly I fell asleep. It was a relatively restful sleep (as restful as it can be with a 40+ week pregnant belly), which I woke from suddenly around 1am with another contraction. I lay there still trying to get back to sleep when I felt another. Surely this was actually happening now, so I looked at the clock and started to time my contractions. Forgive me, but I can not for the life of me remember how far apart the contractions were, but they must have been close-ish as I felt the need to wake up Rob from his slumber, who bless him really struggled to bring himself round. I rang the labour ward and my mum to come around to look after Elliott. For some reason I said to her there’s no rush, so she didn’t arrive until after 2:30am. When she did arrive I was still running up and down the stairs popping things into my hospital bag. I was just about to get changed when my mum stopped me and said you need to go to hospital now. I was so intent on keeping active to help progress labour naturally, I wasn’t taking any note of how far apart my contractions were.

Our hospital is at least a 20 minute drive away from our house so there was lots of time to actually sit still and concentrate on my contractions. To my surprise they were only a minute apart and lasting a minute too so I knew I was close. Half way into the journey I got that overwhelming urge to push and thought, cr*p. I resisted the urge and kept quiet trying not to panic Rob whilst he was driving. We arrived at the hospital at 3am, parking in the emergency drop off spaces outside the maternity unit and I began walking down the long corridor to the labour ward. When I eventually reached the reception desk I couldn’t contain myself anymore and shouted “I need to push”. Poor Robs face was a picture as all the midwives rushed around, ushering me into a delivery suite. They asked me to remove my trousers and jump on the bed, but before I could my waters broke, soaking my trousers and the floor. As soon as I was on the bed, the midwife quickly checked me and confirmed I was 10 cm dilated and said push when you’re ready. So with the next contraction I pushed and he crowned, then the following contraction I pushed again and he was born!

Rob was still picking his jaw up from the floor that I needed to push, let alone hearing his newborn son crying. We both looked at each other, neither of us saying a word, but speaking a thousand and kissed before being handed our baby boy. I know without a shadow of a doubt if we would have left the house five minutes later or we’d been stuck in traffic I would have delivered him in the passenger footwell.

After an induced labour with my first born Elliott it was truly lovely to go into labour spontaneously. What I wasn’t expecting was how quickly things would progress and after over an hour of pushing the first time I certainly wasn’t prepared for Joseph to arrive after two pushes.

Has anybody else just made it to the hospital? Or given birth in an unexpected place? As always we’d love to hear your comments and stories below.

Image by Little Beanies