You could say I’m indecisive when it comes to decorating. Edd would probably say I’m downright ridiculous! It takes me forever to make decisions on everything from colours to cushions. Hence the reason that it has taken me close to nine months to get Alice’s room sorted ready to show you. And I’m not convinced I’m even that happy with it now so I’ll leave that up you to decide.

When I’m doing the girl’s rooms I’m conscious that they are first and foremost kids rooms so no matter how much I’d love to do a perfectly put together scheme I know that it isn’t going to stay like that. They need somewhere for their toys and, in Alice’s case, will most likely want something trolls related. Hands up, for the purpose of these photos I removed the garish pink and purple trolls fleece throw that normally adorns her bed. Sorry.

We changed Alice’s cot to a toddler bed a while back but the time had come to get her a proper single bed and so a whole new room change was in order. The problem with Alice’s room is that it is the smallest bedroom and it has lots of random nooks and crannies making placing furniture a bit of a problem. Trying to find a space for the new bed was going to be tricky so I had to get a bit creative with layouts.


The room was originally Molly’s nursery and then Alice’s and all that time we had had my favourite Ferm Living Owl Wallpaper up. You can see the room as it was over on Rock My Style. I adored it but the retro orange and turquoise colour scheme made finding bedding a bit tricky and so I made the decision to take it down. Instead I gave all the walls a coat of pure brilliant white and refreshed the woodwork with Farrow & Ball Wimborne White. I couldn’t believe how much bigger the room instantly looked. I had wanted to put some new wallpaper up but was worried it might close the room in again so sadly decided against it.

Instead I got creative with some masking tape and my paintbrush and added a mountain graphic across one wall. It was so simple to do and I just freehanded the masking before painting with Dulux Pebble Shore (leftover paint from our own bedroom).

Furniture & Storage

For the furniture I had fallen in love with the Flexa Play bed after I included it in a round up of Children’s Beds last year. I adored the scandi styling and the beautiful pastel colour palette. It was also low which I knew would help add to the sense of space in the room. Problem was I couldn’t decide on a colour. No surprise there. In the end I settled on mint and ordered it from Shaneal as well as the matching shelves. I honestly love the bed, it’s perfect and such great quality. I just got a mattress from Ikea as I needed a thinner one so that it didn’t sit too high up on the bed.

We used to have a pine painted wardrobe in the room but there just wasn’t space for that as the bed needed to go in the alcove where it had previously stood. To create enough storage we simply added a rail over some Ikea Malm drawers. This has created open hanging space for all her dresses and then I’ve added some baskets on top for additional storage.

Originally I wasn’t going to have any other furniture in the room but we needed somewhere for the copious books and cuddly toys she has accumulated. Seen as we were going to end up with lots of wall shelves or baskets on the floor I decided to just get one of the Ikea Kallax units as it provides storage but also gives spaces on top. I’m still on the look out for an alternative piece of furniture but for now this does the job.

I have copious baskets all over the house and use them in Alice’s room for everything from (more) toys to fancy dress. The large grey basket is from Avery Row and is the perfect size for the end of her bed. We also have the Avery Row go anywhere mat from when Alice was small which still gets used as a playmat for everything from tea parties to storytime.

Bedding & Cushions

I opted for some pretty pale pink flamingo bedding from M&S that was a bargain £15 and have then added copious cushions. I seem to have a bit of a random combination of mint, pink, grey and mustard going on but hopefully it works. The mustard pom pom cushion is from Lulu & Nat and I’m quite tempted to pinch it for my own room. It was this cushion that started the addition of the hints of mustard in the room so I added the cute cloud cushion from Mamas & Papas. I made the mountain and house cushions myself as I do love a spot of crafting. She also has a cute little blanket from the Mamas & Papas collection as it’s the perfect colour combo.

I couldn’t decide on a rug for a long time but in the end went for a simple muted pink, again from Mamas & Papas. I may have a slight obsession with this collection!

On The Walls

Decor wise I have ended up including lots of pictures and details to the walls. So much for my understated scheme I had planned! I had to keep her large ABC print from Ketchup on Everything as she loves it.

By the wardrobe I created a little display using some cute cloud shelves that I got from Flying Tiger and then added some wooden clips (see how to make them here) and a selection of postcards from This Modern Life.

I do love a nice shelf so in addition to her mint shelves we also have a lovely ‘A’ shelf which sits on top of her Ikea cabinet. Edd actually spotted it in Homesense for about £25 and it’s great for knick knacks.

I’ve filled the shelves with all sorts of little things from her first shoes to some little wooden peg people that I painted for her. A bargain £2 off Ebay updated with a few paints from the craft box.

On the wall by this I’ve created a display using a print from Desenio. I also hung up a rabbit mirror we already had and made a little cloud hanging using some mustard fabric.

Finally, I’m guessing most of you have copious amounts of pictures and paintings that have lovingly been created at nursery or pre-school but have no idea what to do with them. I’ve adopted a system of (a bit meanly) throwing most away but keeping a couple back that we now peg up on a wall in each of the girl’s rooms. I simply put up some giant bulldog clips from Wilko so she can then change them around when new one’s appear in the school bags. I spray painted them white as I didn’t like the black for Alice’s room.
So there you have Alice’s new room in a slightly random colour combo of mint, pink, grey and mustard. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind but it seems to work. Until I change my mind and put up wallpaper that is!