Once in a while I will discover a fashion item that I genuinley feel every Mum needs. Today is the day I’m going to tell you about the perfect most comfortable flats I have ever owned.

I’ll be honest, I’m a heels girl. Always have been. Not only do they enhance my (short also see stumpy) legs but I simply feel that little bit more pulled together and more me with an extra few inches added to the soles of my feet.

Since becoming a Mum I have worn trainers more than ever, running around after a small tornado is virtually impossible in a pair of courts, let alone some sexy skyscrapers. Up until recently I haven’t really been able to find some genuinely comfortable yet chic flats – they have either been too fussy/jingly jangly or incredibly dull (I love my Birkenstock Mayari Sandals to death but they’re far too beefcake to be work with a cute skirt).

Then my friend Kelly introduced me to the Hallie Cross Strap Espadrilles and my life was complete. Seriously, wearing them is like walking on clouds. They stay on super well yet don’t rub or pinch, and look as good with jeans as they do with a playsuit or a tea dress.

As seen in the header image I have them in the Camel suede but they also come in blue, pink, coral, black, yellow, gold, blush…..I have recently added the silver version to my virtual basket.

Admittedly they are not the cheapest at £48 but they are excellent value – because it’s like wearing slippers they are difficult to ever take off. And we all know it’s about price per wear.

If you are on the look out for shoes or sandals for your littles rather than yourself, I have literally just bought Mabel the Startrite Harper floral sandal which are currently reduced from £38 to £11. The Startrite sale is actually amazing – so many bargains, I’ve also bought her the “lottie” shoe version, reduced from £49 to £14.50.

What are your go-to summer flats? Do you already own a pair of the Hallie? (because of my insistence that the team try them on most of them now own a pair too…)