Hands up, I was not aware of the term ‘push presents’ before I had kids. I still feel it’s a bit of an odd phrase as am in no way insinuating that we deserve presents for having a baby. Although, it is bloody hard work and even those who had a straightforward labour will probably say the same.

The other day the team were having a chat about this subject and it seems I was the only lucky recipient of a present following the birth of Molly and Alice. The boy did good.

I was by no means expecting a present. In fact I outright didn’t want anything. When we had Molly we were in the middle of renovating our house and all our money was tied up in mundane jobs like damp proofing. In fact whilst I was in hospital with Molly our house was being rewired. That was how bad it was. So I was most definitely not expecting the little parcel that awaited me upon our return home.

After a few days in hospital I came home and on the fireplace sat a bag from the jewellers where Edd had purchased my engagement ring and our wedding bands. I opened it up and inside was the most beautiful diamond eternity ring. It was super sparkly and super gorgeous. As much as I knew we probably shouldn’t be spending money on something like this I couldn’t help but smile – It wasn’t just the material side of things that I loved it was the thought that had gone in to it.

Whilst I had been in hospital Edd had taken my engagement ring and wedding band telling me that he thought it would be safer to have them at home. He had then taken them to the jewellers to have them cleaned and to check the size of the new ring. He told me the ring was because I had got Molly here safely after what had been a very stressful last few weeks of the pregnancy due to serious complications.

I adore my ring. Love it.

After I had Alice I again was not expecting a present. I’d had a ring already after all. So when I walked back in to the house to find a giant bag containing my much coveted Mulberry Bayswater I was in disbelief. I actually didn’t want it. Ok, I did but my sensible side kicked in and I told Edd to return it. We’d just had a baby, I was back on maternity leave and most importantly we needed new stair carpet!! Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so sensible/boring/careful with money and could just accept a lovely gift when I’m given one. I refused to unpack it for three days. I was adamant I shouldn’t have it. After a few days, in a sleep induced state, I took it out the bag and oh my, it was lovely. I have used it almost every day since.

I do not think I deserved a present. I didn’t expect them either. But oh my, they are such lovely presents. And do you know what, I’m rather pleased I have them. They are little reminders of how our little family has grown.

Did anyone else get a present from your other half after having your baby and what do you think of the whole concept?