Drip Drip Drop {Little April Showers}

I’m not sure who I am kidding by pretending this post is for those April showers. It’s pretty much required all year round as you never know when you are going to get caught in a downpour in this country. The girls have all manner of wet weather gear including wellies, brollies and macs available at a moments notice. They get used a lot.

So in the interests of keeping your little ones dry and snug we are bringing you our round up of essential wet weather gear for kids.


First up is my favourite of the wet weather outfit, the amazing wellie! Seriously, these boots get so much wear in our house. Everything from playing in the garden to muddy walks or splashing in muddy puddles. Thanks Peppa.

I don’t know about you but we also have to have a second pair for pre-school for Alice and school for Molly so thats four pairs we have to purchase each time their feet grow. And that’s pretty often. Luckily Alice gets the hand me downs so that saves a few pennies. As much as I’d love a pair of mini Hunters I try to opt for good value ones, especially for school.

Our all time favourite wellies are the Crocs ones. I know some people have a strong dislike for Crocs but their wellies are honestly AMAZING. They are super lightweight like the Crocs shoes so the girls can run about with no problem at all and they also have handles for pulling on and off. Edd made the first purchase for Molly a few years back and they have honestly been so brilliant that they are our first port of call for new boots. We normally purchase them from Amazon as you can often find them on an offer.

I also am a big fan of the Clarks standard welly boots for their value. They are perfect for leaving at school and I also really like that they still fit them to the proper shoe size and width which is something I hadn’t ever considered for wellies. Molly has such narrow feet that this is great for her.




A raincoat is a must in our household and now the weather is warming up slightly I switch the girls winter coats out for a lighter weight summer jacket. I’ll always make sure it’s shower proof in case we get caught out but do think a full on mac is a good idea as well. Last spring Molly had a super cute Boden striped jacket but my favourite was Alice’s red fisherman’s coat from M&S so I’m pleased to see they have them back again this year. The yellow is definitely on my wish list.

Before we went on our UK holiday last year I bought the girls a Frugi pac-a-mac and they were brilliant. Perfect for chucking in the rucksack/pram/car for days out as they take up no space at all. They fold up so small and are easy to pop back away in the handy pocket. I will definitely be purchasing Molly a new one this year. Alice, of course, gets the hand me downs!




When the girls were younger they would always have a waterproof all in one. Not that I really took them out in the pouring rain in it but I found them invaluable for walks or trips where I wanted to protect their clothes more than anything else. I’m not sure how but every time Edd takes the girls to the park they come back absolutely covered in mud so we pop them in their waterproofs and I have two clean and tidy girls back. Mind you, it does make them go a bit speedy on the slide!

We’ve had all manner of all in ones and I normally find Sainsburys to be great value. We have also purchased the Regatta animal ones in the past and Molly loved being a little lion as she roared her way round the park. I’ve recently been converted to Muddy Puddles though after Fern raved about them for Elle. They are fantastic quality and properly waterproof so ideal for all Ferns trips to the beach. As I was writing this post I spotted they have some great offers in their sale with up to 50% off so Fern has been stocking up.

Now the girls are bigger I often struggle to find the all in ones in their sizes so I recently purchased them both a pair of proper waterproof trousers and they have been such a good buy. Granted I first bought them as they were off to a forest party on a cold drizzly day but they have used them loads since. They are just easy to pop on over their clothes and then they can wear their normal coats. I can highly recommend them.




The girls love a brolly. In fact I think Molly see’s it as yet another of her many daily accessories. It is also essential for walks up to school when inevitably we leave the house in sunshine but halfway up the road it chucks it down!

We have a super cute Little Bird umbrella which they sadly don’t make any more but it is really similar to this one from JollyBrolly. I just love the clear umbrellas with their bright designs. At least Molly can sort of see where she is going whilst walking along!

Now Alice doesn’t go in the buggy so much I can’t cover her over with the rain cover so I think I will be purchasing her one of the super fun SkipHop animal designs as I know she would love the bumble bee. Although for novelty value this colour change brolly from JoJo Maman is a definite winner. You might have to stop them sticking their heads out from underneath though to see the characters appear!



Let’s hope that after sharing these we only get sunshine from now on! And if you need some rainy day inspiration for yourself pop to Rock My Style where I am sharing my favourite raincoats for us grown ups.


Image by Little Beanies.


Lottie loves teaching her girls to be cake baking and crafting supremos. It may be messy but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
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I have recently bought my little boy some wellies with the handles on and they are so much easier to get on aren’t they! Mind you love the wellies with the dogs on from John Lewis you have suggested above 🙂


Wellie handles are the best! x


I’m a one coat fits all kind of gal so I big time invest in coats for all our outdoors weekends. For waterproofs you cannot beat Swedish brand POP. I got hooked on the fishermans trousers and jacket combo her first winter after picking some up on eBay for £12 for the set (best bargain ever as they retail at about £130 for both). I’ve tried the fashion brand ones and also cheaper hiking gear and nothing else compares. The best bit is that you can get ones with fleece inners so the coat will do for both winter and summer rainy days.

Wellies my narrow footed girl has problems. We Welly sock from JoJo for a bit of extra padding.


Off to look at POP now. Have you tried the Clarks wellies as Molly has narrow feet too but they come in different width fittings xx


My 2 year old recently grew into her first Hatley raincoat and it is AMAZING. Mostly I think this because it is literally wipe clean. I’ve cleaned felt tip, mud and food off it so far, all with a baby wipe! I definitely think these will become a permanent fixture in her wardrobe.

She also loves her ‘bella’, to the extent that she was walking about with a parasol from her Disney princess patio furniture over her head the other day! She currently has a flamingo one from Tiger, but I may have to look into the Jojo colour change option…

Also loving the Frugi pac a macs Lottie. I am now heading to their website and fear it may turn out to be costly… 🙂


Apologies for any spending that occurred on Frugi, I love their stuff. Also loving the sound of the flamingo brolly xx

Charlotte O'Shea
13th April 2017 10:48 am

I LOVE that Hatley strawberry mac! Mabel had the wellingtons (they no longer fit) and I’m really tempted to buy them for her again AND the matching coat. Obviously this would be more for me than for her. Love the H&M cloud print find x


I think you need to buy it. And the matching wellies. x


Any tips for footwear for little ones who have just started walking (so not sure she would manage wellies) but are already a dab hand a making a bee-line for muddy puddles?

I brought this from sainsburys for my little girl …https://tuclothing.sainsburys.co.uk/p/Boys-Yellow-Hooded-Jacket-%280—24-months%29/130888378-Yellow. I’m kidding myself it has something of the baby boden about it and its currently reduced to £7.50.


BOGS!! http://www.bogsfootwear.co.uk/shop/baby-infant-boots-shoes
They are more supportive than wellies and warmer, totally waterproof too 🙂 We got these last winter when our 1 year old just started walking (smallest size is a UK 4) and she was able to get moving in these without a problem. They are great, definitely recommend 🙂


Loving the yellow coat Jen. So cute x


For anyone else that has a little one with tiny feet JoJo wellies go down to a size 3 wheras most brands start at 4. Even though my little one is still only a 2.5 she was so desperate to run around in the mud/through streams/at the petting farm that I just got some in size 3 and she wears them with thick socks. Not ideal but better than ruining her leather shoes. Anyone else know of any other brands that make tiny wellies?


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