I know what you’re thinking, kid proof?! Is this woman on another planet? Promise I’m not and I guess what I mean by kid proof is that these items all wash well, they are super comfy without being frumpy and hopefully you won’t have to think too much about actually getting dressed because they should all work pretty well together when you mix and match them. If you add these pieces to your wardrobe you are 80% on the way there to nailing a casual comfortable look.

Annie Oversized Jumper: Boohoo.com £15.99

Lorna recommended this oversized jumper to me with these accompanying words: ‘I’m a massive fan of this oversized waffle effect jumper in charcoal. The fit will disguise all those yanks of clothing you get when Leo requires your attention and springs right back into shape. ” Naturally I bought it straight away. There are loads of colours to choose from, I got navy. It’s a colour I don’t have much of but looks so good with a blue denim jean/short.

Leigh Jean: Topshop £38

I’ve had my Leigh jeans since Leo was about 6 months old. So that’s nearly two years now and I still love them. They are a really light weight denim, have a great elasticity and have been washed a million times. Mine are the black version and over the hundreds of washes they’ve had in the last two years they have faded slightly to a well, ‘washed’ black. But I’m fine with that because they still look like they could’ve been bought that way. They come in a variety of colours and styles (ripped knees etc) now. I should probably treat myself to a new pair.

Check Shirt: Mango £19.99

I’m really partial to a check shirt. I love how the pattern disguises most stains caused by sticky little fingers. It’s lose and light weight, easy for dashing around in. A shirt can easily be layered with a vest or in the colder months a cute t-shirt. (It’s a good item to take from pregnancy style to mama style too). Also if you layer it and end up being thrown up on you can always whip it off and have a fresh t-shirt waiting underneath. See, totally kid proof. Oh, and also in the colder months they look really cute with a long sleeve tee underneath and the cuffs rolled back slightly.

Tapered trouser: Next £10-£22

Me and Lorna both own a pair of Next’s tapered trousers. There are a couple of types you can choose from, from quite baggy hareem to a more ‘tailored’ style. Each style comes in a variety of colours and patterns so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you. Beyond comfortable but still cute enough to throw on for a last minute dash to Tesco for some milk.

Textured sleeve Sweatshirt: Joules £49.95

This beauty comes recommend from the lovely Lottie. You will mainly find her in the Autumn in her jeans and many a sweater purchased from Joules. This has that casual dressy kind of feel to it. Perhaps you’re going for coffee (and cake we hope) with another new mom or you need to pop into work to discuss your hours once you go back. Either way this is a total beaut. Its material composition is mainly of cotton so it will feel lovely and light too.

ASOS: Superdry Cargo Pant £54.95

I love a cargo pant. These come in two colours… you may well want both. So comfy and so relaxed. Teamed with some nice trainers, a simple t-shirt and a nice shirt (or over size Annie sweater from Boohoo, wink wink) you will look both comfortable, cosy and effortless whilst running to the toilet in your local shopping centre to try and avoid your toddler peeing all over you when they shout ‘I need a potttyyyyyy’.

H&M: Hooded Sweatshirt Cardigan £29.99

The subject of the email was ‘You need this.’ and the sender of said email was Charlotte. What followed was a link to the hooded cardigan from H&M. Now, me and Charlotte often turn up to meetings wearing the same clothes so of course she was right, I did need it. Her email said, ‘Essential Mama non-frumpy but keep warm item’. She was bang on. It comes in grey or black. It’s warm… It has a hood… And did I mention it comes in grey and black? You, my friends, also need this.

Zara: Organic Cotton T-shirt £9.99

I think my most essential casual piece is a Zara t-shirt. I have about 6 of them. The price point is bang on and they wash so well. I find them a good length on me too. I don’t like a waist length t-shirt, I definitely prefer them a bit more hip length and these totally fit the bill. The fact that they are so cheap means you can purchase a few and therefore when one gets a bean flung at it, you can simply whip it off, bung it in the washer and grab another from your wardrobe.

So fellow mamas, is there an essential casual item I’m missing out on? I’d love to hear your recommendations for items that wash well that I will obviously need to buy. I’m also keen to get a new scarf… Not like a winter scarf but a pretty one that will go with everything. So if you could keep your eyes out for one of those I’d be very grateful.