This may be a boring subject to some of you.

Or if you’re like me you may enjoy this kind of geekery, buy way too much stationary and launch into full colour co-ordination mode.

Life with the responsibility of multiple humans (as opposed to just myself… Gone are the days) gets all sorts of busy. The kind of busy that’s hard to keep squeezed into my head. The dentists appointments, his football practice, family weekends away (yay!), babysitter’s days off (gasp!), doctors appointments, nursery days, work meetings, taking the wee dude to the cinema, flights, pay days, due dates, weddings… on and on, etc etc, ad infinitum.

I gave up psychologically trying to keep track a long time ago. I’m now an avid fan of outsourcing to The Family Calendar.

I’m hugely jealous of those of you who maintain some kind of cool futuristic shared Google calendar with your significant other. The kind that you actually check and send each other invites, notifications and whatnot. So smooth. So easily synced. So right up my little digital loving street.

However, I’m the proud spouse to a man that is built for analogue. We’ve tried the online calendar thing which resulted in a lot of me asking “Do you even check the calendar?” and a lot of Gavin looking frustrated that his life was being ruled by a smartphone. This frustration often comes when he’s near any electronic device as it will immediately burst into flames (or at the very least stop performing the task Gavin’s trying to perform) and he will flip all the tables. We’ve tried to be jovial about this and have nicknamed it his TIMS (Technology Induced Mood Swings), but alas… It’s not compatible with any kind of digital symbiosis.

To combat this, I bought a paper calendar (I know, genius…). But not just any paper calendar… This one. Which I heart-eye-emoji. I put our names in each column and can see at a glance what I’m up to, Gav’s up to and Ethan’s up to. I can keep track of babysitters (God bless grandparents) and the handy birthdays column helps me see those too without commandeering more calendar space. It also has pockets! And I love pockets in everything. I keep upcoming important paperwork in there that doesn’t need to be dealt with just yet, likewise for non-urgent bills and concert tickets stored in their relevant month pockets. I know I’m starting to sound like a QVC slot, but honestly. I love. And will repurchase for next year.

I also may have went overboard and bought stickers to liven the whole thing up. These are the things that excite me now *sigh*.

The calendar hangs on our bedroom wall (we’re currently living with the in-laws, but that’s a whole other post) and eases my what’s-happening-this-week anxiety, because Gavin actually glances at it from time to time.

When looking for a way to keep on top of our comings and goings I got lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole of ‘command stations’ in kitchens. This seemed to be more of an American thing and likely more useful if you have multiple school aged children. But woah… It takes family organisation to a whole new, military inspired level. Impressive and daunting all at the same time.

I’d love to know if there’s anyone out there who shares my geekery over this stuff.
How do you keep track of all your humans?
Do you have any stationary finds I need to know about?
Are you a digital or analogue family?