When your children start school you are prepared. They are going to be the most organised member of Reception class. Uniform, shoes, socks, pants, vests – all named. They are hung for days of the week with the underwear on the hangers to boot.

Their bags are bulging, packed to the brim ready for every eventuality and you’ve loved doing it, memories of packing a hospital bag all flooding back. 

I have put together my go to list on what to pack in your children’s school bag. Of course your school may have individual requirements but these are a good guide. 

What to put in their bags.

  • Pac a Mac, because it rains 70% of the time at 3.15pm, year around.
  • A ‘just in case’ pair of pants, even though they may have never had an accident before, get ready for all the lovely tummy bugs they are about to pick up from each other.
  • Spare socks, Teachers love children to get the outside time they need and encourage wet play = wet feet.
  • Sunhat, if it’s in the bag you can’t forget it folks.
  • Little packet of tissues – golden for the times you forget to bring it for those snotty school runs, I’m telling you, those bugs are coming your way.
  • Packed Lunch if they are having it.
  • Book Bag.
  • Water Bottle, every day!

To take in but will be left at school

  • Change of clothes.
  • Indoor Shoes, because after spending the best part of £50 on shoes heaven forbid they wear them all day.
  • PE Kit.

My children have backpacks that are school branded. As a uniform fan I so love this. It does however make it hard to spot them when they are off with their friends ahead, despite having little keyring’s attached. From any distance you can’t identify them. Some girls have pom pom key rings on their bags, my daughter Meade included, they are so cute! My boys have iron on patches of the Ghostbusters logo and a Silverstone GB Flag they recently chose to add. It helps me identify them in a crowd and gives them a little bit of personality.

Now, on to your bag! I wish I had been more prepared for my own needs when my eldest started school. He is starting Year 4 in September so I am experienced in failing, forgetting and even on the odd occasion winning on the school run.

What to put in your bag/take on the school run to survive. 

  • Rain Mac, again because it rains 70% of the time at 3.15pm, year around and sometimes you can be caught off guard.
  • Little packet of tissues – again golden.
  • Wet wipes, you will be amazed at how filthy they come out at pick up sometimes. Also, totally helpful in the warmer months for wiping your hands after applying the suncream, that you will of course do at the classroom door in a rush because you didn’t have time before you left.
  • Suncream! Seasonally of course.
  • Snacks for pickup, always, always, always bring a snack, they will be hungry, they will ask and they will kick off if you haven’t anything with you.
  • A shopping bag, one of the ones that rolls up into a little hideaway. For anything the children bring home.
  • Change! Incase you have forgotten or didn’t know that there is a cake sale etc.
  • A pen. Even though you have named everything at the start of term, those emergency polo shirts you had to nip to Sainsbury’s before school run to get, on the day your washing didn’t dry, will need naming.
  • Buy a good takeaway cup for hot drinks. I drink my first tea on the school run, with three children it’s the only chance I have to have it and it’s very much enjoyed.
  • Emergency breakfast for the run, for when despite being on schedule sometimes things go wrong, baby poops and needs changing, toothpaste has gone all over the school jumper so they need to change.  Cereal bars in the cupboard or pots of porridge and they can eat on the way.

I would love to hear what else you cram in your bags and any top tips you can pass on.